Steven Rostedt


Bachelors of Science, 1991,Computer Science from SUNY Albany.

Masters of Science , 2002, Computer Science at Binghamton University (Thesis: Real Time TCP)



Operating System Kernel Development, Systems Networking, TCP/IP Protocols, GUI Development, Kernel Tracing, Systems Integration, C Library Development, etc.

Programming Languages

C/C++, Assembly (PPC, MIPS, Arm, Intel), Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, sed and awk, Tcl/Tk, Unix shell programming (bash, sh, ksh, csh,etc), Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, Haskell, etc.

Programming Utilities

Samba, GTK/Gnome, X Windows Motif, emacs, etc.

Operating Systems

Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows 95/98/NT, Palm OS, etc.


PCI, Ethernet, Serial, Watchdog, Timers and Discretes, etc.

Published articles:


Principal Software Engineer: (July 2006 - Current)

Red Hat, Inc.

Linux kernel developer.

Senior Software Engineer: (July 2003-July 2006)

Kihon Technologies Inc.

Part owner of start-up company contracting in embedded operating system programming, customization of the Linux kernel, and writing Device Drivers.

Custom Linux Kernel Development: (Working with Siemens Germany)

Embedded Software Engineer Contractor: (Working for TimeSys)

Senior Software Engineer: (March 2001-July 2003)

TimeSys Inc.

Board Support Packages

Kernel Development and Porting

Software Engineer: (1996-2001)

Lockheed Martin Federal Systems and Loral Federal systems

Advanced Technologies Department:

Consultant and System Designer

Systems Engineering Advanced Technologies Department:

Lead Integrated Document Online Control System (IDOCS) Developer

Operational Task Tool Database Developer

Mission Planning Developer

Software Analyst: (1992-1996)

Ensco Inc.

Subcontractor with General Electric, IBM, Lockheed Martin and Loral.

Systems Engineering Advanced Technologies Department

Avionics Engine Controls

Related Experience: