About Kihon

Kihon is a Japanese word commonly used in the Martial Arts representing the basic or foundation of techniques. Without developing Kihon, anything else is just superficial. Its like building a house with a weak foundation. It may look nice, but as soon as it is put to use, it comes crashing down. Kihon is used in the name of this company to show that the importance of the work is in the foundation of Computer Science. And where else can a foundation be used more than in the very kernel itself.


Kihon Technologies Inc was founded in 2003 by Steven and Denise Rostedt.

Steven Rostedt has 13 years of experience as a professional in Computer Science. Working with companies like GE, IBM, Loral, Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin and Siemens Germany. He was employed with TimeSys porting Linux to various MIPS, PowerPC, and ARM boards as well as adapting the changes to the Linux kernel for their needs.

After leaving TimeSys, Steven and his wife Denise started Kihon Technologies, and, ironically, TimeSys was their first customer. After that, Steven went to work in Germany for ten months with Siemens AG, customizing the Linux Kernel for their power plant generation control units.

Contact Us

Kihon Technologies is looking to expand its business, and if you are in need of a quick port or modification of the Linux Kernel, or simply to have a driver written, come to Kihon Technologies, and let us service your needs.

E-mail: support@kihontech.org


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